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emBodied Yoga School of New Mexico is a radical & revolutionary

200-hour yoga teacher training that offers its students:


  • an inclusive, culturally-literate language teaching toolbox

  • sequencing ideas that increase accessibility for various body types, shapes, & abilities

  • a trauma-informed approach to facilitation

  • critical inquiry and discourse on ways in which to decolonize modern yoga

  • opportunities to build inroads toward transformation and emBodied liberation

  • a deep dive into Self

Who should participate in our Yoga Alliance Approved Training?

  • All aspiring & experienced yoga teachers who want to expand their teaching toolbox.

  • Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Educators

  • Healers

  • Bodyworkers

  • People who want to deepen and diversify their personal practice.

At emBodied Yoga School of New Mexico, 

We name and honor the roots of yoga:

An ancient tradition and practice developed in India thousands of years ago by humans striving to relieve suffering and attain liberation.


During a time where modernized western yoga is primarily represented by a narrow population of privilege, we aim to widen the range of accessibility so diverse body types, with variable life experiences, can find safety and solace in this sacred practice.


With eyes wide open, we see the constructs of race, gender, and sexuality and acknowledge the dynamic roles they play in identity, accessibility, and the ways in which individuals and communities move, use voice, and take up space in this world. 

We stand in solidarity.

All of you is welcome here. 


Our mission is to be change agents, to use our bodies collectively from where we stand towards a world that works for all.


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Dig deep.

Connect with your capacity for creative self expression.

Do what you believe in.

Facilitate with compassionate awareness.

Cultivate an inclusive language teaching toolbox.

Discover your own wise teacher.

Promote a collective consciousness that invites safety and inclusion for all beings. 


Treat yourSelf.
Enjoy a complimentary practice today!

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