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Get absorbed in the beauty of exactly ri

 emBodied Yoga School

Teacher Training

2021 In-person Start Date:  

September 1st

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What to Expect:


To cultivate an inclusive, accessible, and inviting teaching toolbox that helps make yoga accessible for anyBody, especially those have been oppressed, marginalized, or silenced. 


To learn to cue without Sanskrit or English pose names. The reason? To encourage people to be curious about, and in tune with, their own bodies' needs, capacities, limitations, abilities, and desires in any given moment.


To learn how to cue without saying or demonstrating how anyone should look, be, or feel, giving people full permission to be exactly as they are and honor their bodies in all ways.


To practice cueing flows that invite exploration, moving with breath, and self-guided accommodations and variations. 


To engage in meaningful opportunities to deepen and enhance your own personal practice.


To develop effective teaching methodologies that guide others into an authentic personal practice that encourages a deepening sense of body awareness, self-compassion, and capacity for healing.


To delve deep into Self study.


To engage in critical discourse.

To feel challenged and inspired.


To practice holding sacred space for anyBody.


To cultivate connection and cohesive community by participating in emBodied yoga practices for anyBody, creative self-expression in a personal art & curriculum journal, and sacred share circles.

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reach out. connect. be your best Self.

Thanks! Message sent.

Dig Deep.

Expand your resilience

This is our time to be on the right side of history.

Hybrid online and outdoor, in-person intensives designed to cultivate deep connection with Self.


Intentionally curated classes for anyBody.


Practice mindful awareness, embodiment, and compassionate self-acceptance.


Grow your yoga teacher toolbox for facilitating safe and accessible practices for individuals and groups from marginalized populations and trauma backgrounds.

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Get absorbed in the beauty of exactly ri
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